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The NGUNI is certified with STANAG 4569 landmine and ballistic protection. It was designed as a highly versatile yet cost effective armoured mobility solution.

The NGUNI was designed primarily as a mine resistant APC which could operate in some of the most hostile terrains in the world, which in themselves could inflict severe punishment. It is of 4×4 design coupled with differential lock, making use of four large run-flat tyres which are designed to resist the effects of deflation when punctured. It has a high ground clearance which, coupled with the all-important V-shaped armoured underbelly, helps disperse and deflect mine blast energy away from the hull.

Making use of commercially available parts reduces its reliance on specialised logistical train (the process of producing and supplying parts) with the added benefit of decreasing the need for support vehicles for spare parts and specialised maintenance while deployed. The front of the vehicle is strengthened and optimised for driving through instead of around small trees and heavy brush popularly referred to as bundu bashing (bush breaking ability).