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BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS offers a wide range of assembly activities that can be carried out in the context of logistics services, covering both low-end assembly (e.g. kitting) and high-end assembly (e.g. assembly of final product based on client requirements).

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is able to carry out these activities at client premises or our various warehouses locations as a  logistics service provider. 

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS ensures that personnel and equipment get to their destinations safely, on time and in the most cost effective way. As part of our logistical services we  always keep our clients up to date with the status of their shipments.

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS will provide comprehensive logistical solutions wherever the client requires. We offer access to the appropriate modes of transport, whether it be by air, sea, rail or road. Our offered services are tailored depending  on the destination environment, for example a hostile environment will require special arrangements.

– Supply chain –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS  offers services from the perspective of supply chain and transport. This includes logistics consulting and supply chain design, management of supply chain, operation of supply chain, operating as lead logistics provider, procurement responsibilities and  inventory management.

– Customer Services –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS can assume responsibility for back-end customer service activities such as returns and repairs, relaying communications related to warranty and technical support, as well as providing reverse logistics services.

– Quality control –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS provides technical testing, localisation and quality inspection services, either as on site services or at the warehouse, in order ensure that end results match client expectations and specifications.

– Transportation –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS provides specialised and  comprehensive transporting solutions. We pride our-selves in the delivery of hard to transport cargo and access to austere and hard to access regions. Where few are capable of delivering we do so in a professional and timely fashion.