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BOOMSLANG Technological Solutions

In the ever changing modern environment the integrity of national borders is a growing challenge.  Terrorism, illegal immigration, smuggling and other crimes are a constant and ever-changing threat. However every border is different and one must adapt the security solution to various determining factors such as, threat level, diversity of threats, terrain, local culture, legal and human concerns as well as electronic threats. 

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FiberPatrol provides protection for fence and pipeline applications. It achieves this with a fibre optic cable attached to a single centrally-located sensor unit. It is the longest ranging fibre optic sensor with built-in cut immunity currently available on the market.





ROBOGUARD A revolutionary perimeter watchdog for selected borders capable of creating segments and replacing vehicle patrols. Using laser scanner it inspects the fence integrity and provides fast response to investigate perimeter alerts.  Typical payloads include camera(s), illuminators,  intercom, etc




Providing the ability to anticipate and address threats to borders, force protection, critical national infrastructure and other large sites and remote assets, Seismic ground sensors are designed to be suitable in diverse terrains. With their unique screw-in design for ease of use they can be deployed off the shelf. They are portable (weigh less than 0.5kg), covert and simple to camouflage. Their low-power batteries last up to six months. 




We offer a range of products of our battle proven Acoustic Gunshot Detectors for various platforms. these include the PEARL Weapon Mounted, the PILAR Vehicle Version, the PILAR Ground Version and the PILAR Helicopter Version.

BMG Radar 

BMG Radar is a multi functional surveillance system which is a deep integration of our innovative perimeter surveillance radar called the BMG-X with advanced day/ thermal cameras.

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For border and critical infrastructure projects, border surveillance, coastal surveillance, homeland security, critical infrastructure security functions’, electro-optic solutions can be customised to land, air and naval platforms and also to base camps.

Skydome Solution

 SkyDome is a software platform that provides intelligent airspace awareness based on a network of sensors. SkyDome provides alerting, monitoring, threat analysis and data services with predictive analytics for real-time decisions Real-time intrusion detection Monitors, tracks, and re-mediates Monitors airspace for Security Privacy/ Espionage, Terrorism or Smuggling And Safety Urban Air Mobility, BVLOS and Highways in the Sky.

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BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS offers a wide range of informative technological solutions that, enable situational awareness, increase range and scope of operations, provide flexibility, mobility and move relatively large volumes of information quickly to mobile users. It enable armed forces units to share information with other forces and civilian authorities in an accurate and timely manner. It Prevents friendly fire, provides support for different communities of interests and lastly makes essential information available to authenticated and authorised users wherever and whenever they need it.