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At BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS we offer a wide range of services. From peace keeping and logistical solutions to full fleet supply and maintenance . Additionally we offer a full range of consulting and training services  for peacekeeping operations to clients as well as national governments and authorised firms in the defence industry sector.

At BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS we offer bespoke consulting services which are specifically tailored for each and every client specifically, as no two tasks are ever identical, this level of attention is needed in our field of work. Our consulting services include:


  • Providing the client with information.
  • Solving problems on behalf of a client.
  • Redefining or diagnosing problems.
  • Providing solutions

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS offers a wide range of assembly activities that can be carried out in the context of logistics services, covering both low-end assembly (e.g. kitting) and high-end assembly (e.g. assembly of final product based on store requirements).

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is able to carry out these activities at client premises or our various warehouses locations as a  logistics service provider. The Logistics services we offer Include:


  • Supply chain
  • Quality control
  • Customer services
  • Transportation

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS understands the critical importance of mentoring and training for the sustainability and efficiency of all automotive maintenance projects. BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS has developed and implemented an acclaimed mentoring and on-the-job (OTJ) training programme for contingent mechanics and engineers; building up an organic vehicle maintenance capacity. Our training services include:


  • Contractors
  • Experience
  • Mentoring
  • Specialised Training 

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS has extensive experience maintaining both commercial and military vehicles in remote locations around the globe. As a part of our maintenance and overhauling program, we have serviced thousands of vehicles since 2010. BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS has conducted refurbishment and depot level repairs on multiple varieties of military and civilian vehicles. Our overhauling and maintenance services include:


  • Supply and fitment of spare parts
  • up-armouring
  • in field repairs
  • modernisation
  • complete restoration
  • fitment of military and civilian grade accessories

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is able to design and implement command and control systems and infrastructure. Mission-critical public safety software challenges and tests your team daily. By unifying data and streamlining workflows from end to end, Command Central puts your information to better use, improves safety for your teams and restores your focus on the communities you serve, by:


  • Unifying data
  • Streamlining workflows
  • Effortless evolution