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To always provide the most effective logistical solutions in the most efficient way possible.


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At BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS we adhere to the principles that our services ought to be utilised in a sound and ethical business practice that allows us to deliver without compromising the quality of service to our clients. In our business customer care comes first as we value their suggestions and needs. We commit ourselves to the creation and maintenance of long-term partnerships with our clients, shareholders and employees in order to satisfy the mutual desire for a balanced environment based on a mutually beneficial outcome. BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS focuses on the implementation of innovative, practical and customer sensitive packages. We will defend without exception the values of honesty, integrity, professionalism and value-creation in our company.


BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is a multifaceted vehicle supplier and logistics provider, specialising in peacekeeping support operations and expeditionary efforts in austere and conflict areas. A leading global vehicle support provider, BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS creates bespoke and quality-controlled vehicle fleet solutions throughout the world. A leading operator in international and regional efforts in peace, security, and development, we supply bespoke vehicle solutions, supplies, mission critical equipment and deploy professional service providers worldwide. We have served as a primary supplier, trainer, and supporter specializing in armoured, military and aircraft handling, as well as fire fighting equipment and military tactical equipment. BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS also specializes in commercial vehicles for national police, defence forces, and peacekeeping missions.

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About us

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS™ is a multifaceted vehicle supplier and logistics provider, specialising in peacekeeping support operations and expeditionary efforts in austere and conflict areas. 

BOOMSLANG GLOBAL™ our head company is a proud provider of good and services that transcend international border in order to deliver unmatched results. Learn more.

About us

BOOMSLANG OIL & GAS™ offers high performance  industrial system and petrochemical solutions for various industries in the mining and energy resource sector.



We believe in continuously striving for excellence which is underlined by our commitment client satisfaction.


Success is brought about by teamwork – the spirit of working together to achieve one goal and success. We believe in offering world class standards through our commitment to supply & service, and go the extra-mile to always maintain our standards.


Our team of highly trained staff are totally committed to go the extra-mile to ensure that the customer comes first and is completely satisfied.


The entire Boomslang team, from the management down to the grassroots levels are completely dedicated to providing a service second to none.


Our quest to satisfy the needs of our customers drives everything we do as we place them at the centre of our activities.


We are constantly developing and implementing new solutions in the current market to meet the requirements of our customers.


We strive for easier accessibility geographically to facilitate locations that allow our customers safe, secure and accommodative locations so
as to afford them hassle free service.


Our corporate goal focuses on boasting the most competitive prices within the current market



In compliance with our Mission Values, we conduct our business with the highest standards of business ethics, integrity and honesty.


At Boomslang we are committed to offering a personalised service to fulfil our clients individual needs until they are satisfied. In order to achieve this goal we listen to our clients specific requests and ideas and acknowledge the need to incorporate them practically within our framework to help build a mutual business relationship and understanding, so that we are able to deliver exactly what is needed.



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