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BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS  understands the critical importance of mentoring and training for the sustainability and efficacy of all projects. Boomslang has developed and implemented an acclaimed mentoring and on-the-job (OTJ) training programme for contingent mechanics and engineers; building up an organic production and maintenance capacity.


This prolonged mentor-ship applied throughout the refurbishment of various vehicles allows for significant skills-transfer when the client’s engineers rotate back to their unit or post at the end of the contract. Mentoring programmes also reduce the amount of initial and refresher training required by the client, as skills can be imparted and kept sharp through the OTJ pairing. Our mentoring and OTJ strategy dramatically reduces the cost of specialist training by reducing the frequency and number of short-term specialist trainer deployments.

– Contactors –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS provides resources to clients where projects require additional staff such as mechanics, etc., for a set period. The contractors are supplied by Boomslang and work as the clients employee, but are managed by BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS. This assists our customers in completing project and meeting deadlines, without the administration of additional employees.

– Mentoring –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS will provide the adequate mentoring your staff need. Our experienced mentors will ensure that trainees are more than capable of operating  necessary equipment, using necessary technologies and systems and completing desired objectives at the highest level.

– Experience –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS contractors are mostly ex Defence Force members or trainers/instructors in the Defence Force and have years of experience at their disposal. As a company we are seasoned in providing a wide range of solutions to meet various demands. BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS has completed projects in Mogadishu, Somalia, Uganda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Chad and Sierra Leone (to name a few) where training, maintenance and setup of vehicles was needed and where management of warehouses and spares parts for the African Union forces was required.

– Specialised training –

When specialised skills are required BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS will coordinate a team of expert trainers to ensure that your personnel can adapt their knowledge base and specialise in complex mechanical and technological operations.