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BTR 80

Type: Amphibious Armoured Personnel Carrier

Crew: 3 & 7 passangers

Power: 180 hp

Weight: 10.3 – 11.4 tonnes


The BTR is a modern, lightly armored vehicle with a diesel power plant.
The BTR armored personnel carrier is intended to carry personnel on the battlefield and provide close fire support. It can also carry out reconnaissance, combat support and patrol missions. Learn more


EE-9 Cascavel 

Type: Armoured Personnel Carrier

Crew: 3 

Power: 189 hp

Weight: 12 tonnes

The EE-9 Cascavel is a wheeled reconnaissance vehicle of Brazilian origin. Due to its heavy armament it can also serve as a fire support vehicle.The 6×6 chassis provides good mobility on the road and in the field. Learn more



Type: Sports Utility Vehicle / Truck

Crew: 5

Power: 335 hp

Weight: 5 tonnes

Kombat is the fastest heavy armoured all-road luxury vehicle in the world with unique protection capabilities. Its all-metal body is created with the highest quality steel and insures maximum structural integrity for the vehicle. Learn more



Type: Armoured Personnel Carrier

Crew: 2 & 10 passengers

Power: 285 hp

Weight: 15 tonnes

The NGUNI is certified with landmine and ballistic protection. It was designed as a highly versatile yet cost effective armored mobility solution. The NGUNI is Fitted with co-axle suspension instead of hydraulic suspension, allowing for it to be easily repaired in the field if necessary. Learn more



Type: Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Crew: 3 & 7 passengers

Power: 282 hp

Weight: 18.5 tonnes

The RATEL wheeled IFV is named after the honey badger, which is noted for its toughness when fighting and the RATEL lives up to it´s name. The RATEL has a long armoured steel hull being specially contoured underneath to minimise land mine damage and if necessary the RATEL can travel with two wheels missing. Learn more


SAMIL 100 

Type: Heavy Duty All-terrain Truck

Crew: 2 + enormous hauling ability

Power: 315 hp

Weight: 9.1 tonnes

The SAMIL 100 truck has proven to be reliable under extreme all-terrain conditions. The trucks are ideally suited to African conditions, and are widely recognised as some of the best and most versatile heavy-duty all-terrain trucks on the market. The Samil 100 has an unparalleled reputation for its rugged durability and its ability to work hard in Africa’s unforgiving terrain and climate. Learn more



Type: Battle Tank

Crew: 3

Power: 780 hp

Weight: 41.5 tonnes

The primary armament of the T-72M1 is the  125 mm 2A46M smooth-bore main gun coupled to an auto-loader which reduced the operating crew to three (driver, commander, and gunner) and gave the turret a very low profile. Additional armament was the standard 7.62 mm machine gun in a coaxial fitting and an optional turret roof-mounted 12.7 mm anti-aircraft heavy machine gun.Learn more