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BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS specialises in the supply of a wide range peace keeping solutions. If anything  you need cannot be located in our equipment catalogue, please feel free to contact us with the specifics of what is required.

The Combat mobile remotely controlled module, SHAKA-12.7, is a lightweight remote system intended for the search, detection and offensive manoeuvres. Fitted with an infrared channel it is capable of detecting targets during the night and day. Learn more.


We are able to supply only certified ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER SPARE PARTS and a proven logistics supply-chain to peacekeeping environments. We deliver first-class spare parts and vehicular support packages.



This groundbreaking design allows for the complete concealment of thermal and infrared signatures and is able to stay effective at the most extreme temperatures.

We manufacture the RUN FLAT INSERTION (RFI) machine used to insert and remove the Run Flat tyres for military vehicles.  


We supply a catalogue of TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS for border protection. 

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We supply a wide range of blank firearms for training and personal use.