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In today’s environment, managing an international supply chain to meet clients needs has never been more challenging. That’s where BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS come in. Powered by an alliance of experienced industry leaders, we leverage our business experience, knowledge and relationships to deliver cost-effective, tailored solutions. 

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is a market leader in providing consultations on the execution of supply and delivery of goods, implementation of turn key solutions,  training and mentoring, vehicle manufacturing, up-armouring and maintenance. We also provide consultation on organisational streamlining, market strategy and partnership analysis.

– Providing the client with information-

The information BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS can gather for a client include, feasibility studies , Attitude surveys, Market surveys and Cost studies. We are able to analyze competitive structures and provide accurate solutions. Our consultants  prove to be useful for the special expertise or information they are able to provide in every scenario. 

– Solving problems on behalf of a client –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is able to provide the best tailored solutions. No matter the question or challenge, our consultants are able to highlight key obstacles, decide which obstacles need to be tackled first and finally design the best solution to overcome the obstacles at hand.


– Redefining or diagnosing problems-

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is able to carry out a thorough diagnosis of logistical operations, by  doing more than simply environmental scanning and looking at the technology as well as the economics involved in the logistical operation. 

– Providing solutions

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS will conclude an investigation by giving an oral presentation or submitting a written report detailing what was learned. This report will include detailed recommendations as to what solution is best suited for the client . These reports will provide a detailed analysis of our consultants observations, the recommended course of action and projections based on successful implementation. We will insure that those receiving the report have a clear understanding of the data provided and the full implementation of our recommended strategy.  Then we will tailor the details the client sees fit to change in order to provide a tailored solution.