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Vehicle Overhaul and Modernisation

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS  has extensive experience in maintaining both commercial and military vehicles in remote locations around the globe. As a part of our maintenance and overhauling program, we have serviced thousands of vehicles since 2010. BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS has conducted refurbishment and depot level repairs on multiple varieties of military and civilian vehicles. We are capable of modifying a wide array of civilian and military vehicles  for defensive or utilitarian purposes, through the use of specialised accessories, up-armouring and mechanical tuning. 

– Supply and fitment of spare parts –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS supplies only CERTIFIED ORIGINAL MANUFACTURER  spare parts though our  proven logistics supply-chain into austere peacekeeping environments. Boomslang delivers first-class spare parts and vehicular support packages. Learn more.

– complete restoration –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is experienced in the complete restoration of outdated and dilapidated vehicles. Our expert team of mechanics and engineers are capable of restoring vehicles to their full operational capacity. 

– up-armouring –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS armouring division specialises in up-armouring civilian grade vehicles. We implement various defensive technologies such as reinforced steel plating and bulletproof glass to insure our clients safety. We are able to source and up-armour any vehicle to our clients specifications. Learn more.

– fitment of military and civilian grade accessories –

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS is capable of fitting and modifying vehicles with a wide array of accessories including thermal cameras, navigation systems, run flat tyres, front and rear view cameras, as well as halogen spotlights in various colours, etc.

– modernisation-

BOOMSLANG LOGISTICS can update outdated vehicles to modern specifications in order perform at required levels. Through the installation of the latest technologies and the restoration/upgrading of mechanical components, a vehicle can return to a field operational level.